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We are service-oriented Property managers with the resources and knowledge to realize the full potential of your real estate assets.
Property Management
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Property Management

Go ahead and ask our tenants what they think about ICORR...

Our tenants see us as a trusted partner in their business, and a manager who ensures their customers enjoy a clean, well-maintained property whenever they visit. 

Our clients know ICORR's relationships with vendors - a result of 30+ years in the business - means we offer preferred pricing and superior service. 

Every new property that comes under ICORR's management gets a thorough walk-through, a hurricane preparedness plan, and a custom-built maintenance schedule, including dates for required inspections, and major upgrades. 

I wanted to write a brief message to express my sincere appreciation of the ICORR crew. I have leased many spaces over the past 30 years, and ICORR has unequivocally been the best.  It's not one person...The administrative staff possess great communication skills and resolve issues expeditiously.  The grounds are maintained perfectly.  

Steve Shaffer

DRIP Market & Cafe at Citrus Park

Being a tenant at Pinebrook Plaza has been the easy experience I've ever had with a commercial landlord. From the original meetings to inquire about leasing the space through now almost 6 years I have had nothing but good relations with the landlord. They are top quality, attentive, continue to improve the environment of the plaza, and respond quickly to any questions. I could recommend ICORR to anyone interested in commercial real estate.

Ted and Jinhua Dowling

Li's Massage at Pinebrook Plaza

Financial Services

We are financial services professionals, and we equip you with data-driven insights that will maximize your property’s profitability.

Current clients know and recognize our three Core Competencies:

Accurate & Reliable: Our accounting team's multi-layered review process certifies the data you receive as dependable, and actionable.

Professional: Three sets of trained eyes - including a Senior Manager - review all Financials before they go to a client.

Profitable: We proactively identify budget variance. Our budget review process grows your bottom line and provides visibility into expenses that are out of line with the rest of the market.

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Financial Services
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Data-Driven Insights

ICORR's Portfolio Advantage has data at its heart. Decide how best to invest in, and how to grow, long-term revenue from your real estate assets. 

  • Trend Data shows how net rents are trending, or if your plazas are sitting vacant longer. 

  • Market Data shows how your portfolio is performing against its peer group, and identifies opportunities to improve.

  • Physical Property Assessment highlighting issues and opportunities at your building.

  • Financial Statements with budget variance reporting, accounts receivable analytics, and projected cashflows. 

industry partnerships

Real Estate Agents & Brokers: Contact us to learn about our referral program and how you and your clients can benefit when new buyers partner with ICORR Property Management.

Property Managers: ICORR offers white-label solutions for your accounting and back office AR/AP, while you maintain productive leasing and property management relationships.

Vendors: We manage over one million square feet of commercial real estate in Southwest Florida. If you have a compelling solution for property owners and managers we'd love to hear from you. 

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