We are service-oriented managers with the resources and knowledge to realize the full potential of your real estate assets.

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ICORR is always quick to respond to our needs. After over twenty years working with the people at ICORR, we have no complaints and are looking forward to twenty more.

Roger Lutz, Principal

Lutz, Bobo & Telfair, P.A.


ICORR has made the administration of my property far more efficient and painless than I could possibly do myself.

Hans Jonckheere, Ironwood Capital


As we began our construction phase, everything was seamless from permit to C.O. We have opened a dozen locations over the decades... none better than this team!

Al & Alan, Owners
My Salon Suite



A qualified Property Manager from our office will oversee all financial and operational activities of your property. Some of the property management services we provide include:

  • Contract Bidding

  • Budgeting

  • Project Management

  • New Leasing, Renewals, and Tenant Relations

  • Tenant Coordination and Build-out

  • Insurance Analysis

  • Realty Tax Assessment Analysis

  • Employee Management

  • Leasing and Marketing

Our Property Managers maintain a round-the-clock emergency contact system and make regular scheduled visits to properties. We can also manage your third-party service provider contracts. At ICORR, we work closely with our clients throughout the bidding process to ensure optimal resource utilization. Our dependability has helped to establish a strong relationship with external service providers.

Contact: Earl Fossum, FMA®, RPA® – 941.954.2300 ext. 108 - efossum@icorr.com


Our Leasing Managers oversee all leasing activities for your properties. The day-to-day activities include:

  • Market Analysis

  • Prospecting

  • Development and Execution of Advertising and Marketing Programs

  • Lease Analysis and Negotiation

  • Tenant Mix Recommendations

We have developed and maintain good working relationships with all active brokers in the markets we serve. The brokerage community knows they will be dealt with in a fair and professional manner. We also know that the best leasing prospects are our tenants. We pride ourselves in working with our tenants to satisfy their space needs and be a supplier of choice.

Contact: Susanne Arbagy, CCIM®, RPA® – 941.954.2300 ext. 102 - sarbagy@icorr.com

ICORR Financial Services provides all of the Financial Reporting necessary to properly and efficiently administer your real estate.

Learn more about ICORR Financial Service's and get a quote here! 

Contact: Adam Wolf – 941.954.2300 ext. 121 - awolf@icorr.com


Dependable services are fundamental to the success of commercial and retail properties. At ICORR, your Property Manager and Operations Site Supervisor work hand-in-hand to ensure hard services are diligently maintained and managed, including:

  • Power

  • HVAC

  • Security

  • Building Envelope

  • Landscaping

  • Roof

  • Sprinklers, smoke and fire detection

  • Parking

We also understand that preventative maintenance and upkeep are equally important to a business’ well-being. Our facilities management team will strive to keep your properties in great shape – protecting your investment and maximizing your returns. 


Contact: Earl Fossum, FMA®, RPA® – 941.954.2300 ext. 108 - efossum@icorr.com

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